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  • Production Home in Utah Designed for Net Zero Energy

    The Zero Home is off the drafting table and living in Herriman, Utah. The smart home, complete with high-end finishes, good looks, and an affordable price, already has quite a few accolades to its name: it’s the first to receive the U.S. Department of Energy Challenge Home status in the state of Utah, is designated as both an EPA Indoor airPLUS Home and an EPA ENERGY STAR Home, and is the first net-zero production home in the United States to achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating of 0 in a Climate 5 zone (based on The International Energy Conservation Code’s 8 climate zones)... More

  • This 'Smart Home' Makes More Power Than It Consumes

    In Utah’s dry, arid desert climate, a new house yesterday was turned “on.” The builders of this house claim it will be the first of its kind for this climate: a smart home that produces more energy than it consumes—and at a price comparable to traditional homes. Named the “Zero Home,” it comes equipped with solar panels and an energy management system that includes a smart thermostat and energy analytics. So the house can coordinate solar production with energy usage. It also comes with an electric vehicle charging station. All the technology is provided by home automation company Vivint , which was listed at #46 in Forbes’ Most Promising Companies of 2013, and built by Garbett Homes... More

  • A floor-to-ceiling tour of America's most energy-efficient home

    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Zero Home: The first single-family smart home to be certified as net-zero energy-efficient in Climate Zone 5, meaning that all the energy the home consumes is produced on site via renewable resources. Today, I’ll take you on a deep dive into the systems and building practices that made this feat possible. The 4300-square-foot Zero Home is the result of a partnership between Vivint (a fast-growing company best known for home-security and home-control systems) and Garbett Homes (a residential development company that builds between 400 and 600 homes per year). Both companies are based in Utah, and the Zero Home was built in the Salt Lake City suburb of Herriman. .. More

  • Vivint teams up with builder to create energy efficient 'Zero Home'

    A new house that creates more energy than it uses has been created through a partnership between home automation/home security provider Vivint and Utah builder Garbett Homes. The "Zero Home," located in Herriman, Utah, uses solar power and home automation to create a dwelling that is completely energy efficient, according to a report in the Deseret News this week. Vivint, based here, has a solar energy division called Vivint Solar... More

  • Is This Solar Smart Home The House Of The Future?

    Construction has completed on a home that is unlike any other in Utah, or in the United States for that matter. This net-zero “smart home” located in Herriman, Utah, uses solar power to generate as much energy as it consumes. This is quite an advantage in a neighborhood where the average utility bill is about $300 per month. “It’s incredibly exciting to see the Utah building community join as a leader in green home-building,” says Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect of the Building Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy. “The collaboration between Vivint and Garbett, which allows the consumer to purchase a truly environmentally friendly home, is a huge milestone—both for Utah and the country.”.. More